At Meditation365, we give you practical meditation tools and practices to deal with the stresses of every day modern life. CLICK HERE to see some of the benefits of Meditation & Mindfulness enjoyed by millions all over the world, and see how it can help you!


    Would you like to see your employees at the top of their game? Our Corporate Mindfulness program can help your employees to deal better with stressful situations and decision making. It can help them find their inner calm in the workplace and be more productive and at ease within themselves. CLICK HERE to find out more!


    If you’re prone to anxiety, depression or you have a phobia of some sort, then we can help. Our 1 on 1 or groups sessions can teach you all you need to know about improving your own well being. Contact us now to find out more.


    No place is too big or too small! We travel all over Ireland! If you’d like to inquire about us holding an event in your area, just get in touch! CLICK HERE to get in contact!

Are you always rushing out the door, always feeling frazzled

and disconnected?

 Do you suffer from anxiety or racing thoughts?

Would you like to learn practical ways to deal with the

madness of every day modern life?

Can you sit down with yourself for 5 minute?

Can you sit down with yourself for 5 minutes? Without having to pull out the phone, think about what has to be done or what you did yesterday? Simply sit down in a state of relaxation.. mentally, emotionally and physically?This video cuts out about 30 seconds from it's end.. I hope the content in the video will suffice. If you have any questions or thoughts please don't hesitate to contact me here on Facebook, e-mail meditationinireland@gmail.com or call 0862154657I hold clinic days in Ballybunion, Listowel & Tralee

Posted by Meditation365 on Thursday, September 28, 2017

At Meditation365 we pride ourselves on providing our clients with practical mindfulness and meditation practices which can make an actual difference in their day to day lives. In short, we give you tools that work, to hep you make a difference in your own life.

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Whether you’re looking to curb your anxieties, get rid of a phobia, or simply just reconnect with yourself, our one day workshops could be the perfect remedy for you. We run both 1 on 1 AND group workshops, all around the country….

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Are you an employer? Would you like to see your employees working to the best of their ability, missing less sick days, and feeling their best? Our Corporate Mindfulness workshops, talks and classes could be the perfect fit for your company…..

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It’s true, we love to travel all around Ireland! But our permanent home lays in Ballybunion, Co. Kerry, where the sand meets the sea all  year round! We sometimes run workshops from our clinic in Ballybunion…..