Alchemy of Voice

Voice 1

“Each and everyone of us has our own Signature sound”

Sound has the Capability of releasing old, stale and Stagnant energy in the body such as Stress, Anxiety and Worry .

voice 3

At this workshop you will:

– learn to harness the amazing power of your own voice which in turn benefits your ability and comfort when communicating.


– learn to direct your own sound within your body thus affecting everything within. This begins to change the vibration within releasing and loosening discomforts such as Stress, Anxiety and Fear.


– learn an amazingly simple practice to literally change your experience. This then cultivates empowerment.


– You will begin to experience yourself with more Ease and comfort and you will find it easier to spend time in your own skin!



One of the benefits of this practice is when you are practicing, you are by default in the present moment. It is almost impossible to be off in the future or back in the past. It requires your attention and has the benefits then of literally changing your mental clarity, emotional well-being and your physiology!

And all directed by You! You are the conductor of your orchestra… Embody it.

There is Power in your voice and like the Breath, offers you SO much! Come and learn to use it accordingly,

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