Mindfulness & Meditation for Anxiety – Meditation365


“Having your attention both in the Future and Past simultaneously creates and unease in the body”-Jason Gorham


Anxiety is so common in people it is bearably believable. It is a useless, uncomfortable and debilitating experience that literally millions of people put up with!


Anxiety is literally an Energy residing in the body. Many people would be able to point out exactly where they feel their Anxiety when it flares up. Anxiety affects your Breathing as does Stress and Overthinking.


Have you noticed that when you are experiencing Anxiety your Breathing feels constricted? A main reason that Anxiety is flourishing within is that we are not Breathing continuously and we allow our Breathing to be affected. This in turn allows an environment within, where imbalances such as Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Frustration and the tendency to Over-think can thrive.


At Meditation365 we teach you to get the Breath going again moment by moment, so that when you are experiencing Anxiety you have something to counteract it with. It is required that you alone relieve yourself of your own Anxiety. Nobody can do it for you, No Drug can do it for you! The medications prescribed simply pacify the feelings but more importantly do not dissipate them. The underlying Anxiety is still there almost waiting to be paid attention to. You alone have the Power and Capability to release this debilitating and useless Energy.

Imagine being in a place where you can perceive your Anxiety without becoming over-whelmed by it and then being able to act accordingly. At Mditation365 we give you the Skills, Knowledge and Support to begin to truly manage and transcend Anxiety. It really is very Simple when you know how!

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Whatever your walk of life, Meditation365 impart the Skills, Knowledge and Support to get you going again.