Meditation365’s Centre in Ballybunion- Mindfulness and Meditation

20150929_091503_resizedDo you suffer from any of the following…

– Stress

– Incessantly Worrying

– Anxiety issues

– Sleep Deprivation

– Depression

– Addiction

– Overthinking and Planning

– Living in the Future or Past


“To be Present is the single most important aspect to living a comfortable and Healthy life”- Jason Gorham

Mindfulness and Meditation have been proven to bring relief to All of the above. When you can gain a Focus, Understanding and Clarity around what it is you are experiencing, you will find that you alone have the Power to get Clear and Healthy again.

When you find yourself in a place of constant Unease and Imbalance, you alone are required to regain your Clarity and Balance. Nobody can do it for you. At Meditation365, we teach you the Skills, Tools and Techniques to Enable you to find Your own Comfort and Solace. We all have the Capability to live a Peaceful and Content life…

Meditation365 offer you a space at our Clinic in Ballybunion to begin to find You again within the turmoil of your everyday life. We offer specifically designed and tailored programs to suit Your needs. You have within you the ability to climb out of the “hole” you find yourself in.

We here at Meditation365 through Teacher/Coach Jason Gorham offer you the space, know-how and Skills to begin to bring relief to any aspect of your life. As Jason say’s- “When you sort yourself out, the world sort’s itself out”

We tailor programs to your specific needs with a range of price plans.

For a one off hour long one to one session, the rate is €50

A grouping of 6 sessions is €260

For every session after the 6 sessions, the rate is €40 per hour.

What an Investment, in you! Once you have the Skills to begin to calm an overactive mind, de-stress, release anxiety or bring relief to any aspect of your life… they belong to you! You need never come back. 

“Skills, Tools and Techniques for Life”

For a free consultation via telephone regarding what we can offer you please Contact Us.

A stones throw from Ladies beach, Cliff walk and the Seaweed baths you will find yourself in a world of Calm and Relaxing.

Programs available from the comfort of your own home via Telephone (Handsfree set required)

House calls service available: (normal rate + expenses)

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