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    Our Corporate Mindfulness talks, classes and workshops can help your employees feel more confident in themselves and their work, leading to more productivity and more harmony in the work place.

Does your business need a breath of fresh air?

  • Would you like your employee’s to be more productive?

  • Would you like your employee’s to work more efficiently and effectively?

  • Would you like to decrease the amount of sick days taken by employee’s?

If so , then providing your employee’s with a Mindfulness Package is a very cost effective way in which to achieve all of these goals. Corporate Mindfulness is becoming a “must” for many of the most successful companies in the world today, such as Google, IBM, Apple, Proctor and Gamble, General Mills.

General Mills have carried out research into its efficacy and the results among employee’s are striking : 

  • 83% said they were taking time each day to increase personal productivity.

  • 82% said they now take time everyday to eliminate tasks with limited productivity value

  • 80% said they noticed a positive change in their ability to make better decisions

  • 89% said they became better listeners

So What Can We Offer You?

Mindfulness in the Workplace Workshop : 

This Inspiring and Effective Workshop teaches its participants the tools and techniques with which to overcome challenges and stress in the workplace.

Areas Covered :

Stress – How to Manage Stress – Learn how to deal with stress as it arises, as opposed to allowing stress to overtake and overwhelm you.

Emotions – Learn to become more aware of our emotions eg. anger , resentment, fear, and how they can affect us. Also, learn how to observe our emotions and not allow them to affect our decisions and relationship with others.

Personal Effectiveness – Learn to focus our attention and remove distraction.
Communication – Learn Techniques which enable us to remove prejudices, listen more fully, and engage in a more genuine fashion , all of which greatly improve communication.

Personal Power – Learn how to access our inner strength , and see through delusions that limit us.

The Tools and Techniques which are learnt in this Workshop can be integrated into the working day so it is not necessary for your employees to take time out of their working day to practice them. This removes the obstacle of “not having enough time” which prevents many people from main taining a mindful practice. The ability to integrate these techniques into the overall working day, makes them highly practical and effective.

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