“That which you put your attention on is what you will get”


“Your State and Mood determine how your thoughts appear”

When I have grown up and have been habitually focusing on Stress, Worry, Anxiety, the Past and the Future.

When I have beliefs such as “I’m not worthy”, “I’m not quite right”, “There’s something wrong with me”, “I have reasons to feel shame and guilt”….. this is what we create.

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Through our Law of Attraction workshop you will:


– Learn to manage your attention.

– Learn to develop your Focus and Concentration.

-Learn to recognise and reside in the Present Moment.

– From the Present Moment anything is possible such as being able to expereince feelings such as Capable, Certainty, I like me, I’m pleased with me, Powerful, Happy and Senior.

When focused upon and experienced in Present time you can begin to alter the old, stale and debilitating structures of Stress, worry etc.

You begin to be able to literally change you future, your perception of the past and all from the present moment.

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When you can focus in present time on the feeling of being Certain this in turn affects such thought forms as Doubt! It is quite difficult to experience Doubt when you are feeling Certain. You then begin experiencing reasons to be Certain and it feeds off itself!

When you can Focus on the feeling of “I like me” (It makes sense to me to want to) it challenges the underlying state of “I don’t like me” thus beginning to change it. The more attention then you can direct to it the more comfortable it becomes and the more you will authentically like yourself which in turn has an incredible knock on effect with your thoughts and emotional well-being.

When you can Focus on the Feeling of Happy (which is guided) for no reason whatsoever… We come from a place where in order for me to be Happy I must have a reason. This doesn’t have to be true. When you can feel Happy for no good reason you will then have reasons to be Happy! When you can feel Happy for no reason while noticing resistance to this this will have a very real affect on your thoughts and emotional wellbeing.

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Basically when you can regain control of where you attention goes via our Simple and Practical Skills and Techniques and then get used to feeling Positive and Empowering Energies this will become your default operating system 🙂

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