• What are Meditation & Mindfulness, anyway?

    Not sure? Don’t worry – we’re here to explain!

Mindfulness and Meditation are very similar, healthy practices which both deal with awareness and being present in the here and now.

They help you to get past the constant chatter of your mind and focus on the present moment. As you’re then focusing on the present moment and nothing else, this in turn helps you feel less stressed and like there’s less on your plate.

There are some amazing benefits to Mindfulness and Meditation, such as lower stress, boosted immune system, lowered blood pressure, longevity in life and more! Take a look at the videos below and see what we mean!

What is Mindfulness?

What is Meditation? What are it’s benefits?

You don’t need any special poses, equipment or places to be Mindful or Meditate. Start making a change in your life right now! Get in touch with Meditation365!