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Meditation has this image in many peoples minds of being off in a dark cave in India with incense burning and in the lotus position. Today Meditation has become much more Practical in terms of being available to people as they work, drive the car, look after the kids and going to bed at night. Meditation IS a very useful practice. How any why is it useful?

There are many definitions for Meditation and here are three from Meditation365…

1. “Meditation is a period of time spent sitting down in the lotus position with the eyes closed or while driving the car with the eyes open, where I CHOOSE where I put MY attention.”

This is a pretty big deal! The flip side of this is not knowing where I’m going to be from one moment to the next. Do you know this place? God knows what the next thought will be that pops into my head and where that’ll take me or what happens out there that reminds me of something that happened twenty years ago! We are literally so distracted and easily swayed. In very real and simple terms, Meditation is the practice of choosing to put your attention somewhere and keeping it there. This develops Focus, Clarity, Concentration and much more! A pretty big deal to take the reins, in to where your priceless attention goes.

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2. “Meditation is the practice of being Present.”

To be present is to be clear as to where my attention is residing. So I choose to put my attention within, to a very interesting place… my breath! The wonderful thing about your breath is that anytime you have your attention on it, you are by default in the present moment. I maintain my focus on my breath and when I get distracted I notice it and choose to go back to the Breath. Then I get distracted again, I notice it and bring myself back! It becomes a moment by moment practice which becomes easier as you go.

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3. “Meditation is the Practice of literally sitting back into your own space. Reconnecting to you.”

Many of us spend so much time out in the Future and Past, that we are literally disconnected from ourselves. One reason many people enjoy physical exercise is that it forces you into you. All of a sudden you are standing taller, feeling lighter, breathing in a healthier fashion and thinking clearer. This lasts a while until we go back to default mode. You can fully align within yourself consciously while sitting in a chair, driving your car or cooking the dinner when you know how. It is an incredibly Healing thing to do, on so many levels.

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Jason loves to Clarify why Meditation works and How it works so that you leave any of his events in no doubt as to what is happening as you are meditating. You will know how to harness it’s wonderful benefits while living a busy and hectic lifestyle!


From his centre in Ballybunion Jason has a nice space for you to begin to consciously reconnect in a Simple and Practical manner. Jason also delivers one to one programs and sessions via telephone from the comfort of your own home (Handsfree set required). This medium is becoming ever more popular! Private workshops can also be requested nationwide. Own a business? Give us a call.

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