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Meditation365 offers Simple Mindfulness/Meditation Tools and Techniques to live more Fully and with Ease. We deliver Courses throughout Co.Kerry, Workshops throughout Ireland, One to One sessions from our Clinic in Ballybunion and Online Sessions Online Workshops. 

The benefits of beginning to practice either Mindfulness or Meditataion are far reaching. Much study has been conducted into the benefits and results of practicing Mindfulness & Meditation.

At Meditation 365, we see Mindfulness & Meditation as being the same thing. When one Meditates, one quietens down and one consciously begins to reside within the Present moment.

Through Meditation365, Mindfulness is about being conscious of when you are within the Present moment and when you are not. What we teach are some incredibly Simple and Practical Tools and Techniques first and foremost to be able to Meditate with Ease and then be able to harness the Meditative experience into every moment of our day. With Meditation365 We begin to be able to stay Aware and Present no matter the situation.

Being able to do this greatly improves your sense of Ease. You begin to be able to quieten your mind at will, De-Stress when things are getting on top of you and basically become much more well rounded!

When you can begin to master the many benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation you begin to take control back of you life and are able to deal and release Stress, Anxiety, Worry, Overthinking Depression and much more!

There is no need to be experiencing yourself in dis-comfort going forward and with Meditation365 you can learn to be able to choose how you wish to feel.

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