Meditation365’s One-Day Mindfulness Meditation Workshop.

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“To be Present is the single most important aspect of living a comfortable and healthy life”

At this workshop you will:
– Learn to Meditate in Ease. We will Meditate with our eyes open and also closed! What a Skill to have.
– Learn to develop a relationship with your Breath. Your Breath has an awful lot to offer you.
– Learn to be Mindful and Aware 24/7.
– Begin to be able to transcend Stress, Worry, Anxiety, & Overthinking.
   Create a conscious, simple and practical connection within. We will drop anchor to the present moment and learn to reside there.
– Develop Clarity and Focus.
“Every one of us has the Capability to transcend that which irritates us”
 Meditation365 brings a Unique, Simple and Practical approach to what it means to be Present.
Jason delivers this Workshop throughout the country, within the employment/business sector and from his centre in Ballybunion… check out what people have been saying here.
At this event you will develop a broader perception on how to look at your circumstances. From here then real change and real choice appears.
The workshop is based around the Simplicity and Practicality required when living daily in the real world.
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Jason Gorham of Meditation365 focuses his Workshops on the Simplicity and Practicality required when practicing being Present.
He understands that it is important to be able to be Present while being at home with the kids, at a meeting at work and driving the car. At these workshops Jason teaches you to be in a state of Presence and Awareness, not only with your eyes closed but also with them open! He will teach you the ability to recognise beyond doubt when you are Present and sometimes more importantly… when you’re not.
You can be Present 100% of the time, when you know how!
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