Meditation cures stress in kerry Ireland

Mindfulness and Meditation for Stress Relief in Kerry

Mindfulness and Meditation for Stress Relief Meditation 365

Stress is one of the most common reasons why people are drawn Mindfulness and Meditation. Stress can be quite an uncomfortable experience for all involved and likened to a Virus, tends to be Contagious!

I use the example of a child and how a child learns and grows. As a child you literally soak up our Environment. It is how you grow and develop so quickly and effectively. As a child you are like a sponge, soaking up what you see, hear, taste, feel and smell! If as a child you are subject to an environment on a daily basis, where your elders are Stressed, you can learn to gradually experience yourself through Stress. It is what you have learnt. Now if you aren’t taught to become aware of this Stress which resides within your body and then to release it, you might grow up to become a Stressed-out person.

When you are a Stressed you literally have Stressful energy residing within your body, which from time to time “Flares” up. When it flares up, you experience Stress.

Practising Mindfulness and Meditation brings Awareness to these Flare-ups and you find you begin to have a choice in either continuing being Stressed or not!

Meditation365 offers you the Skills and Tools to deal with Stress within the body and to then “keep on top of it.” We offer you the tools to release old and stagnant Stressful energy from the body with Ease and from the Present moment.

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