One to one Mindfulness & Meditation coaching from home!

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Too busy to make a Mindfulness Meditation course or workshop?

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Do you experience any of the following:

an Over-active Mind

Easily Distracted

more than your fair share of Stress

mild to severe Anxiety

a bombardment of emotional issues

underlying sense of shame or guilt

an inability to get a good nights sleep


a general sense of dread for your day??

Please know right here that you are not alone and that you alone can “fix” you.

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Whether it be for your own personal mental, emotional or physical development… Meditation365 imparts the Skills, knowledge and support to enable you really bring about Ease in your own life.

We also tailor sessions and programs to enable you develop Focus and Concentration.

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At Meditation365, we offer one to one programs and sessions via telephone. This medium for delivering programs is becoming ever more popular. You will need a Handsfree set and a phone (We call you). Programs and sessions are tailored to your specific needs…. At Meditation365 we offer you the Practical Skills, Tools and Techniques to get yourself going again.

Rates are as follows: Our work begins at €55 per session which generally run from 45minutes to an hour.

When you sign up for a recommended six week program the rate is €300.


Please Contact Us for more information on the options available to you