An Over-active Mind and Mindfulness Meditation

“The reason our thoughts are running the show is because we are actually in them”- Jason Gorham


If you’d like to imagine your thoughts as being like a river. Now this river has been flowing for years. It has a lot of momentum behind it. To try and Stop this river (your thoughts) isn’t plausible. Imagine just dropping a dam down into the river with the intention of stopping the flow, what will happen? Exactly, the river will just smash right through it.

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So, most of us are actually in the river. And when you are in the river you get knocked around the place, bashed off rocks, no control or manageability as to where you are going and you are drenched wet. Most of us are in a plce where we are so easily swayed and distracted by our thought. We feel helpless to their “Power”.

Overthinking literally de-stabilises you, keeps you disconnected from you and the Present, uses an extraordinary amount of your vital energy and ultimately makes you run down and sick.

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In order to calm an Overactive mind you need to get out of the river! Without any agenda of changing or stopping it. Begin to allow it to run it’s course and begin to practice not Jumping in! Ultimately your thoughts have no Power over you.

“You are the master of your thoughts, not the other way around”- Jason Gorham

As it turns out, you are not obliged to play with every thought that pops into your head. When you can begin to Practice that, it then becomes easier and has an affect on literally every aspect of your life.

When you can begin to put your Focus elsewhere and this is where your Breath comes in, amongst other Skills and Techniques we will teach you, and allow your thoughts to run their course they will ultimately run out of steam!

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Definitely a Skill worth Mastering!