Mindfulness & Meditation for overthinking

The Racing Mind Mindfulness & Meditation for Overthinking.

Meditation365 and Overthinking

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The Racing Mind or Overthinking is a plight most people are well aware of. The incessant planning, reviewing, sorting, wishing, If only…, I should’ve, I could’ve, I would have’s…. A scourge on the Peace and Quiet of most of us.

Thinking is the single most energy consuming activity most of us undertake. It is draining, becomes confusing, creates a Foggy haead space and directs our attention to ridiculous places.

A Simple but Profound realisation in people who practice Mindfulness or Meditation is that thoughts are but energy and are not as real as we have given them credit for. When you can notice your thoughts form a space of Presence and objectivity, you begin to realise that you are not obliged to play along with every thought that pops into your head. You become the Master of your thoughts, not the other way around.

Practicing Mindfulness & Meditation bring about a naturally occurring sense of Empowerment. You begin to be able to create and realise the quiet space within which has always been there. You begin to align with your centre again. Meditation365 offers you the Simple and Practical skill set to deal with overthinking.

Meditation offers you Simple and Practical Guidance to be able to Calm an Overactive Mind and create a Healthy sense of detachment from your thoughts. We all have the Capability to do this!

Please join us at our Clinic in Ballybunion in person with a specifically designed and tailored program to suit your needs or at a Private Group Workshop.                                                                          You can avail of our services via Skype or via Moblile phone (Handsfree set required and we call you). 

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