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Do you lie awake at night Worrying, Stressing, feeling Anxious, Overthinking or incessantly planning?

Don’t worry, You are not alone! A large percentage of the population have trouble sleeping. But at Meditation365 we believe that every one of us has the Capability to be able to Relax and get some well deserved shut eye.

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We teach you Simple Meditative Techniques to be able to take your attention off of the distractions. One of the definitions of Meditation which we like is- “Meditation is a period of time spent where I choose where my attention goes”


That is a pretty big deal… choosing where to put your Focus and attention. The flip side of that is not knowing where your attention is going to be from one moment to the next! God knows what the next thought that pops into my head will be or the next worry, Stress or reason to get Anxious. This is a very uncomfortable place to be. (Does this sound familiar to you?) We are generally easily distracted by whatever comes to our attention.


When you can begin to manage your attention and choose where it resides… life becomes easier, you develop more of a Focus and you tend to allow your Body and Mind to Relax. That which you give your attention to comes to life. This is an incredibly Healing practise.


At Meditation365 we teach you to develop your Focus, Presence and also to begin to comfortably relax into your whole being. We use our Breath to do this. Your Breath is incredibly profound and transformative. You will harness your Breaths’ amazing benefits and it is required that you be able to do this to live a Healthy life. All you need to do this, you already have… Some guidance is helpful! Which we provide.


Meditation365 teaches people from all walks of life in person at our clinic in Ballybunion or at your own residence. We offer our services via telephone (which is becoming ever more popular and a Handsfree set required) and also via Skype over the internet.

We also teach via our One-Day Workshops which are held throughout the country including our Clinic in Ballybunion. Calendar of Events

You have the Power to change your circumstances with some Simple Focus. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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