“Stress is a Choice”


Stress is so common in so many people and it has been proven to be a leading reason people are experiencing debilitating diseases and discomfort. It is useless and we each have the capability to rise above this experience.

Like Anxiety, Stress is an Energy residing in the body. It is a bit dense which is why it feels quite uncomfortable and noticeable. Could you point out where you feel Stress?

stress 4


So I grow up to get Stressed easily… my Stress “flares up” every now and again and I get all stressed out. It needn’t be so!

At Meditation365 we teach you the Skills, Knowledge & Support to be able to stand tall, clear and focused as you are experiencing Stress. This is how you can transcend and release this useless debilitating energy. You need to be able to maintain a focus and a connection within yourself as you’re in the middle of a situation, to begin to be able to manage it.


This practice is an incredibly empowering one which in turn has an effect on every part of you from your Mental body to your physical body. They are all connected anyways.

Jason also imparts a wonderful Energy Tool to begin to literally release Stress from the body, which is possible from Present time. So Simple when you know how!

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