Meditation365 and The Breath!


The Breath has long been associated with Meditation and Mindfulness. Here at Meditation365 we believe that it is the single most transforming habit you can cultivate.

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At Meditation Jason Gorham teaches you to get your Breath going again and it has many many benefits:

– Having a place to direct your attention in any given moment is a great Skill to have. You can place you attention on your Breath anytime anywhere.

– An added benefit of having your attention on your Breath is that in doing so you are by default in the Present Moment. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean the the distractions will just stop… that happens over time but when I can maintain a Focus as my thoughts are in overdrive, this nurtures Clarity and much more!

–  Your Breath when it is a continuous flow (which Jason teaches) it brings more oxygen to your brain and body.

– Your Breath has a magnificent way of bringing about balance again in the body by releasing the old, stale and stuck energies which cause so much dis-comfort while bringing in the good stuff.

– Have you ever noticed how when you are Stressed, Worrying, Overthinking or experiencing Anxiety that your Breath has almost stopped? When our Breath is affected and compromised and not flowing correctly it allows an environment within where common imbalances such as Stress etc can thrive! Counteract this with the continuous flowing Breath!

– Your Breath is literally your connection to you. Where is your Breath? That’s right, in you. It can act as a doorway within to begin to truly embody your body and space again. We as people are literally so disconnected, in that we spend so much time in the Future and Past that we are rarely here. It is a very real energetic dynamic to consciously spend time within you. Your Breath offers you this.

– Wake up at 3am and would love to fall back to sleep. Your Breath is key.

– Your Breath is a wonderful distraction! Imagine you are being bombarded with thoughts and are quite distracted. You can now take action and choose to put you attention on your Breath. Distract yourself from the distractions! An incredibly empowering thing to do which then in turn affects everything.


At Meditation365, Jason teaches you begin to develop a Healthy relationship with your Breath and also paints a picture as to why you might want to. You will leave in no doubt as to it’s benefits.

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