The Present Moment Workshop/Seminar

present time

Preconceived notions and expectations on what it means to be present.

Have you..

 read all the books,

practiced all the practices,

meditated all the meditations,

spent what seems like eons of time being “Mindful”,

gone to all the workshops?


Are you still..

struggling with spending time in the Present time,

finding a simple meditative practice near on impossible,

confused as to how being mindful can actually help,

frustrated with going from workshop to course and back again,

experiencing the same old issues over and over without much relief,

unable to rein in an over-active mind,

at the mercy of your over-whelming emotions?

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In my experience many people have an understanding of what it means to be present but have many preconceived notions as to what to expect. This is a problem.

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We have all heard that the present moment is..

the only time that there is,



all empowering,

full of butterflies and flowers

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Now I can categorically say that all of the above are TRUE. BUT I can also say that this is generally not true at the beginning. Once you begin spending time in present time… it is not all it’s cracked up to be!
It’s TOUGH! Yes, there I said it… It’s quite the challenge! If it were easy we’d ALL be doing it.

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The vast majority of us experience..





low energy,


whilst practicing presence.

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There is a misconception out there which suggests that to be present you must be in a space of no thoughts and total peace. May I put this on record to say that this perception is untrue! There, I said it.

When you can truly see and understand that you can be present while..

your mind is running rampant,

your emotions are beating you up,

you are stressed,

you are in a bout of anxiety,

experiencing depression,

etc, etc…


In fact it is REQUIRED that you be able to stay aware and present whilst deep in the throes of the human experience. In present time you have something available to you which is Acceptance and Allowing. When you can Accept, Allow and stay present, whatever it is that is tormenting you can more easily run it’s course. And to run it’s course in this case is to dissipate, FOREVER!
It is when we continue to go round and round over the same old stuff ,which perpetuates it and it doesn’t “heal”. It is the expectation of all the butterflies and niceness’ of present time which hinder our moving forward.


When my expectation of present time doesn’t match my actual experience, there will be a conflict within thus frustration and loss of enthusiasm. Does this sound like you?


At my events, I bring a clear understanding to what it means to be present. You leave in no doubt whatsoever.. as to the dynamics of what is occurring when you get present,

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How being present..

allows true healing to happen physically, mentally and emotionally,

opens up a doorway to a new you,

will have an impact on literally every aspect of you,

will affect your relationships at home and at work,

develops the most important relationship you are in.. to you,

allows you to be able to discern between positive/constructive thoughts and the negative/self destructive ones,

allows you to allow over-whelming emotions disappear/run their course,

cultivate your inherent ability to Focus and Concentrate on whatever the matter at hand is,

allow change to occur in more Ease and with less resistance.

change ahead

There really is no more mysticism or hocus-pocus to the art of presence. It needs to be a practical and simple practice, which it is!
Join me on a one day event or via a one to one session to explore the possibilities.

Are you a business owner looking to get the best for your employees and business?
Whatever your walk of life, via present time you can truly experience more of the real you in any given situation.

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And remember that I never said it’s Easy. I say that it’s Simple when you know how and have a little more of an understanding. That’s my job… to impart what I know and what I have experienced. Join me.

Best wishes,

Jason Gorham


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