Worry is another debilitating experience many of us “suffer” with. We know that most of the Worry we partake in is useless but nonetheless we feel unable to cease the Worry!

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We learn how to Worry. As kids we didn’t know what it was! So if my Mother was an incessant Worrier, the chances are I’ll grow up to be a worrier. We simply learn it… and when we worry as it turns out, we have many things to worry about!

We believe that, it is a situation we may find ourselves in, that is the origin of why we are worrying. In fact, it is the fact that I am wired for worry that is the real reason. Here is an example of what I mean:

One thing I love to worry about is money. How am I going to pay the bills, pay for my holiday or buy the new car? So imagine I win the lotto tomorrow. No reason to worry anymore, right? Well maybe for the following couple of months, then as time goes by I will find something new to worry about! My tendency to worry has now just found another juicy situation to chew on. Can you see how that would happen? It’s a habit and it happens involuntarily. It will continue to create a sense of dis-ease if it is allowed to.

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So in order to cease incessant Worrying here at Meditation365 we teach you to begin to allow worrisome thoughts to flow by without needing to interact with them. With this Practice then you begin to be able to discern  between the constructive “worrisome” thoughts and the useless old and stale worrisome thoughts. Thus not being dragged off left, right and centre when you needn’t be.

To worry uses up so much of your vitality and it keeps you dis-connected and in a state of constant imbalance. With Meditation365 through teacher Jason Gorham you will be able to bring a real sense of Clarity to the dynamics of what’s happening when you are worrying. This in turn brings a real sense of empowerment when it comes to mastering your thoughts and space.

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